Pallet Control Diagnostic

Pallet Control Australia Pty Ltd Diagnostic Audits assess the health of new and existing clients accounts.

PCA 'Diagnostic Audit' service will provide you with a report detailing their current position, identifying areas for concern and areas for improvement. The diagnostic process will also enable PCA to develop a proposal for the consistent application of pallet control procedures for your site; an approach to the best practice in pallet management and control.

Our approach will be to review your site and conduct interviews with Key Personnel directly involved with current pallet processes and procedures. These interviews will provide the base information for our report, detailing an analysis of current procedures and systems in place, the strengths and weaknesses of these systems and recommendations that we will structure to ensure a robust and functioning pallet control system for you.

We will also provide an analysis of your CHEP and Loscam accounts, reviewing Trading Terms and Delay Days.

What we will do

  • Review your site and interview site Managers/Key personnel
  • Coordinate a pallet count to coincide with CHEP and Loscam close off
  • Undertake a detailed operational assessment of your site
  • Review arrangements with Trading Partners (Delay Days)
  • Review unprocessed paperwork
  • Overview your Transport/Sub-contactor arrangements
  • Overview your physical equipment to your account balance
  • Observe Pallet Practices

PCA will provide a report on specific practices commenting on:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Trading Partner arrangements
  • Transport agreements
  • Pallet/Equipment overview (Loss/Surplus)
  • The sites ability to comply

For more information please contact us.

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