Pallet Recovery

Are you experiencing Pallet Losses?

Have you found that you are paying hire on pallets that you don't have anymore? This is extremely common and the longer it goes on, the harder it becomes to rectify. Many companies often don't have the time or expertise to recover lost pallets and may end up paying thousands of dollars in compensation to the pallet hire companies.

How does recovery work?

We have the resources and skills needed to provide the best recovery potential for anyone experiencing lost equipment. We have successfully helped a range of clients who had losses of under 1000 pallets and also over 30,000 pallets and anywhere in between.

Please note that more recent the losses, the easier it is to trace and recover them (and vice versa). Pallets which were lost more than 12 months ago, are generally difficult to recover, especially where it involves Grocery Warehouses. It may be necessary to view manifests and pallet docket records so it is essential that you have maintained copies off your transfer dockets and despatch records. Supporting documentation is crucial to recovery success.

Our proposed approach would be in two separate stages.

  • Stage 1 Diagnostic involves, firstly, assessing and scrutinizing certain specific transaction analysis data which can be obtained from CHEP and Loscam and secondly, interviewing (in person or by phone or email) one or more of the key people involved in the operation.

After completing the first stage, we will provide you with the following detail:

  • Details of any processed transactions, in error, which may be recoverable.
  • What we believe would be the likely recovery potential.
  • Recommendations for recovery strategies most likely to achieve optimal reward.
  • Stage 2 Recovery is the main investigative work. The work is both time-consuming and unpredictable and involves investigating a number of possible causes for transaction errors.

Stage 1 is a set fee for the investigation process.
Stage 2 recovery is a 'no win, no pay' basis, a percentage of CHEP and Loscam's declared compensation value for any of the following.

  • Location and recovery of lost equipment.
  • Reinstatement of suspended equipment.
  • Crediting surplus equipment against deficits.
  • Recovery of Back-Hire.

Note any claim will be clearly presented to you detailing: the items recovered and the invoice date on which the recovery appears; the relative amount of financial benefit to you and our claim.

If you have pallet losses, or you think you may have losses, contact us today. Let our knowledge and ability work for you to reduce your pallet hire.

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