We are proud to announce the release of our Paltrak® Pallet Management software.

Paltrak® has evolved from many years of research and development, and has been our internal Pallet Management software for nearly a decade. We are proud to announce the release of our latest version to any business requiring a robust software solution.


Web based, nothing to install
Unlimited Users
Multiple sites or Warehouses
Individual User login and password
Auto Cloud backup
Mobile/tablet device enabled
Automatic export to major hire equipment companies
Continuous development

User Aspects

User friendly
Raise dockets for major hire equipment
Raise Exchange for hire equipment or
Track equipment for non-hire equipment account holders
Auto import of hire equipment invoices for reconciliation

Further Advantages

Paltrak® dockets display Notes, User and Contact details
Draw on large Trading Partner & Associates database
Link Trading Partners, Associates & Products
Database additions easily achieved
Nine Edocs Reports for managing your invoiced accounts
Five standard reports with various options available
Non-standard individually tailored reports possible


Paltrak is available wherever you have access
Multiple users can be logged in at the same time
Tracking of hire equipment movements by sites or warehouse
Staff accountability and transparency 
Eliminates manual data backup
Paltrak moves with you
No more forgetting to export
Enhancements always sought and implemented

Easy to navigate interface
Time saved: 1 vs. 3 website logins 
Track equipment for hire equipment account holders
Track your own pallets, drums etc.
Automatically imports to Edocs


The only mechanism to assess the true position
Important information is clearly visable on the docket
Reduces the need to manually obtain account details
Ensures your account information is up to date
Add Trading Partners, Associates & Products quickly
Details outstanding, errors and anomalies for follow up
Options include reports by Trading Partner, Product etc.
If you need something special we can help 

Paltrak® Highlights

  • Raising CHEP, Loscam and Exchange dockets from the one easy to use screen
  • The ability to raise dockets from a mobile device
  • Your logo can be inserted onto Transfer Dockets
  • Automatic export daily (amendments allowed until export), with client receiving confirmation replies from CHEP & Loscam
  • Large data base of Trading Partners available in system 
  • Raising Exchange dockets for customers without CHEP/Loscam accounts - A docket can be signed by both parties for CHEP/Loscam pallets owed/owing
  • Raising Exchange dockets for customers with other equipment - The ability to track customer own plain pallets, bins, etc.
  • Reports easily produced, printed and/or exported to excel 
  • The ability to raise up to date reports for IOU’s, Warehouse & Pallet Account movements
  • Web based system, no program to install - All updates are automatic and done behind the scenes, no interruptions
  • Paltrak® is backed up daily via 2 different methods

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