Thermal Covers

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Thermal Covers are manufactured from a flexible, lightweight but strong, high reflective aluminium foil, laminated to both sides of plastic bubble sheet less than 5mm thick.

How they work:
The material, a product of the U.S. space programme, works on the thermos flask principle where two reflective surfaces are separated by a non conductive space. These two surfaces reflect both infrared and ultra - violet heat radiation and therefore provide a vapour barrier to assist in controlling humidity.

Thermal covers can:

  • Be used to keep your pallet load warm or cool
  • Stabilise product temperatures
  • Keep cargo from direct contact with airflow from the energy source e.g. refrigeration unit
  • Enable the carrying of mixed loads of varying temperatures over longer periods
  • Reduce cross contamination of various products
  • Give extra protection for temperature sensitive products
  • Assist in reducing pilferage

Thermal covers are:

  • Waterproof and assist in keeping the load clean.
  • Reusable
  • Minimal in weight and easily fitted by one person
  • Able to be manufactured in custom designs to suit specific applications

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